Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What does Shannon ABC do?

Over the course of my first 6 months in Shannon ABC, the 'elevator pitch' for Shannon ABC has become more and more refined, however it is still challenging to put into a 30 second pitch all the capabilities of Shannon ABC. The core of the work that we do is based around screening natural sources for bio-active compounds. This screen is, by now, a well established process within Shannon ABC. However, given the capabilities that feed into this process (protein biochemistry, molecular biology, food science, microbiology, fungal biology, analytical chemistry, etc) and the techniques and technology used to facilitate this (fermentations, solvent extractions, super-critical fluid extraction, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, cell culture, bio-reactors, etc) we can take specific sections and package them up for clients for contract research, collaborations, protocol design, etc in a variety of other areas.
Part of the unique selling point of Shannon ABC is the big picture view that we have developed. For example, while we would work with the food industry on a regular basis, we also have collaborations with a variety of other sectors including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Textiles, etc. The advantage here is that while we may identify a bio-active compound from the food sector, we have the knowledge, capabilities and contacts to potentially apply that bio-active to a range of other sectors, adding substantial value and cross-sector awareness for our clients.
Industry requests for alternative services and technologies will also further fuel the expansion of Shannon ABC, and we will continue to grow as a comercially focussed Reseach, Development and Innovation Centre.

Monday, 14 November 2011

New Shannon ABC Blog

In parallel with the launch of its new look website, Shannon ABC is also launching its new blog service. Communication with potential clients, existing clients and the commercial and scientific worlds in general, is key to progressive innovation.
My name is Tim Yeomans and I am the Centre Manager for Shannon ABC and although I will be co-ordinating this blog, we will also be receiving non-confidential content from our scientists and commercialisation specialists based in Limerick Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology, Tralee.
Our blog is just one way in which we communicate with interested parties; regular updates are provided on Twitter and the profiles of our people can also be found on LinkedIn. Our regular Newsletter provides further insight into the progress that Shannon ABC is making, and the client base that we are serving.
On our blog we will be discussing upcoming and attended conferences and tradeshows, insights from our scientists into the world of bioactive molecules, regulations that are making progress challenging and key points from Shannon ABC research symposia, among others.
Our vision is to be industry's partner of choice for the provision of innovative biotechnological solutions. We have many commercial clients from a variety of sectors and we welcome interest from all sizes of commercial ventures and research institutes for confidential collaborations.